Responsibility and Liability of devotees

Responsibility and Liability of devotees:Until we are able to control Covid infection spread through eradication, vaccination etc. it is the responsibility of each individual not to contract or spread the virus. As with any public place you will be entering our temple premises at your own risk. And temple while taking precautions as mandated by local, state and federal guidelines is in no way liable for your health.The following rules should be strictly followed while you are in temple premises;1) Reserve your slot online and plan to come on time to have darshan. Due to limitedoccupancy, the best way to have darshan without delay is by planning commute timeand taking appointment. If all slots are filled, it will be difficult to accommodate thosewithout appointments.
2) Face mask is compulsory. Without face mask you will not be allowed to enter temple.
3) Your body temperature should be below 100. Please do not visit temple if you werebody temperature was above 100 anytime during the past week. We have the right torandomly check devotees entering the temple for temperature and will not allow if thereading is 100 or above.
4) Leave your shoes in the car or outside. Do not wear them and take it off at our usualshoe station.
5) As soon as you enter, thoroughly wash your hands with soap (minimum 20 secs) in thehandwash station (soap will be available at temple premises).
6) Stay at least 6 feet away from other devotees, priests. Family members living in thesame household may be close to each other.
7) Do not touch any idols, Puja samagiris, etc. Please keep your hands to yourself at alltime while worshipping inside the premises.
8) Priests would not accept any prasadams, fruits or flowers (due to risk of Covid spread).Do not bring any prasad to the temple. Also, no consumption of any food or drinksinside temple premises.
9) Do only essential talking inside the temple. Offer prayers silently and loud singing orchanting is not allowed. Only priest and authorized chanters with face masks will chantduring this time.
10) Access to rest rooms are extremely restricted and should be used only for emergency.
11) For devotees who wish to sponsor archana, we recommend to use our website service and pay for the archana. This is to minimize contact.
Priest Responsibilities:

  • Priests will wear masks when any devotee is present in the premises.
  • Priests will do Aarthi or Archana when requested by devotees.
  • Priests would not offer Vibuthi, Kumkum, Theertham or any prasadam until Covid spread is under control and will follow accepted practices by local, county and state authorities.
  • Priest would not engage in lengthy conversations. Best way to converse with priests is by phone from your home.

Interacting with Guruji:

  • Given Guruji’s age and risk, please do not go close to Guruji at any time. Take his blessings by staying at least six feet away. Do not visit Guruji’s home at any time.
  • Do not compel Guruji to give you prasadam.

By following these simple instructions, we can keep ourselves safe, stay healthy and mostimportantly keep our temple premises safe and our priests, Guruji and volunteers and theirfamilies healthy. We hope to relax these restrictions as the situation improves. We appreciate and thank humbly in advance for adhering to these rules.Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bavanthu.

Blessings from Guruji to all